Master of Science in Business Analytics


A STEM certified credential available to all majors and professionals.

Efficient Upskilling

A one-year applied masters with an emphasis on the use of analytics in business. Gain actionable insights and transferable skills involving data science, platforming and management. 

Industry Immersion

Work with technical and statistical software through experiential learning, case study analysis and project immersion. 


Engage in interdisciplinary, collaborative coursework focused on business analytics, which includes class-driven industry interactions guided by dedicated professors and practitioners.


Alumni Insight on the Importance of Business Analytics

Message from the TCU Neeley Dean, Daniel Pullin


Interdisciplinary Strength

Upskill and increase market competitiveness alongside students from all majors and young professionals from a variety of industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After completing the MS Business Analytics program, am I able to transition into an MBA program?


No. There will not be a direct pathway into an MBA program. However, after completion of the program, anyone interested in pursuing an MBA is welcome to apply and will be individually considered for the program.


Is there a deposit required for the program? If so, what is the amount?


Yes. The amount required to reserve your seat in the program will be $500. Details on how to submit payment for the deposit will be provided post-admission.


Are there scholarships available for this program?


Inaugural year enrollees in 2020 will be provided pre-requisite Excel training and Statistics workshop at no cost and $2,900 in scholarships.

What time of day will classes be offered?


This is a full-time program, so most of the classes will be offered during normal working hours. However, there will likely be courses offered during evenings, online, and in a hybrid model during the program.

Will I take all of my classes as a cohort?


No. You will take all core classes will students entering the program. However, there will be opportunities to select to customize your individual program with elective courses.

When do classes begin?


Classes are scheduled to begin on June 8, 2020. However, there may be some prerequisite workshops required that will take place about two weeks before classes begin.


How long is the program?


The program is designed to be completed in one year.


Is it possible to waive the prerequisite courses?


TCU Neeley undergraduate students will be permitted to waive the prerequisite courses.


What is the cost of the program?


We are offering $2,900 in scholarship towards tuition for the inaugural class. The total cost for the program after applying the scholarship is $53,140.


Is financial aid available for this program? 


Yes, it is. Details regarding financial aid for graduate programs can be found here Financial Aid - Graduate Programs.


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